Local Commerce Software: The Future of Local Marketing Is Here

Local Commerce

Recently, ReachLocal announced new local commerce solutions, including our consumer service ClubLocal, and several exciting new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that help local businesses convert more leads into customers.

ReachLocal President Nathan Hanks gave an overview of these new solutions when he spoke at Borrell’s Local Online Advertising Conference which was keynoted by well-known marketing guru Seth Godin and featured presentations by “disruptors” within the local marketing space like Facebook, Pandora, and ReachLocal, among others.

Nathan shared his unique insights on the evolution currently happening in local marketing where the entire customer acquisition funnel is moving online. “Soon, many local service transactions will take place entirely online; in fact, the shift has largely happened in the travel and retail industries with companies like Expedia and Amazon,” he said. “We believe that everything local that can be bought online eventually will.”

To that end, ReachLocal has been hard at work on local commerce solutions that enable merchants to deliver their high-touch service along with an Amazon-like online buying experience that helps them win more customers. This local commerce shift will unfold for merchants in two ways:

1.     Through tapping into new consumer-focused services that connect consumers with local merchants (e.g., OpenTable for booking a restaurant table, Uber for booking a taxi)

2.     Through new merchant software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that enable local merchants to do local commerce online themselves

ReachLocal has created innovative solutions for both of these models. First, ClubLocal is our new consumer brand that builds the relationship with consumers and drives new business for local home service providers. Second, our new SaaS solutions enable SMBs to manage the entire customer lifecycle online, from lead generation (already largely online) and automated lead management to online booking and mobile payments.

These SaaS solutions include:

  • ReachSite – a smart website solution that helps businesses convert more of their visitors into leads. It includes basic SEO, dynamic content optimization, and lead capture technology that helps businesses build their marketing list and see the effectiveness of their various marketing tactics.
  • ReachConvert – a lead management solution that helps businesses turn website leads into customers. It notifies the business of new leads via text message, email or the ReachLocal mobile app and helps them stay top of mind with consumers through automated emails to their prospects and reminders to the business’ staff to follow up with new leads.
  • ReachCommerce – a local commerce solution that takes local merchants’ entire booking and buying process online. This will not only allow consumers to book appointments and pay online, but it will digitize the business’ entire back-office operations, including scheduling, employee and fleet management, estimating, transaction processing, invoicing, retention, business intelligence and reporting.

These solutions will help local merchants take their entire customer acquisition process online and more cost-effectively grow their business while delivering much better buying experiences for consumers so that they keep coming back again and again.

What’s next in the local space? Share your thoughts below about how you think this shift to online local commerce will benefit both merchants and consumers. And, stay tuned to hear more information about these and other new solutions from ReachLocal. To stay up to date on the latest news, tips, and information, you can subscribe to our blog via RSS.


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