No BS Social Media: Expert Interview with Jason Falls

Be human. Join the conversation. Engage your consumers. Provide value. In the world of social media, these phrases are used all the time. But it’s time to call “BS” on generic social media speak when it comes to marketing your local business, according to Jason Falls, author of the new book No BS Social Media.

Falls points out that it’s important to be human, engage with consumers, and join the conversation – these are best practices in the industry. But, it’s also important to go a step further than these statements to get the most out of social media marketing,.

“If you add the word ‘marketing’ to the phrase ‘social media,’ you’re talking about business,” Jason says. That’s why you must incorporate a business mindset into your social media plan.

In his book, he identifies the seven business drivers of social media marketing – different reasons why you could choose to use social media for your business:

  1. Enhancing branding and awareness
  2. Protecting your reputation
  3. Extending your public relations
  4. Building community of followers and loyal advocates
  5. Extending your customer service
  6. Facilitating research and development
  7. Driving sales

Of these potential business drivers, it’s important to decide which of these to pursue, says Falls, so you can approach social media strategically to drive the business results you want to achieve.

Watch our interview with Jason to learn more and hear a case study of how one local business used social media to increase sales.

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