Now Get Even Better Online Marketing Insights with ReachEdge

See marketing results with ReachEdge reports

What if you could get better insights into how all your online marketing was working to get you leads and customers?

Our ReachEdge lead conversion software helps local businesses get more contacts and leads, turn their leads into customers, and most importantly, see the results of all their marketing.

The real-time alerts and reporting included in ReachEdge have already been showing clients the results of all their ReachLocal marketing efforts (such as SEO, local listings, and social media) sorted and filtered by source, so they can know exactly how their marketing is working.

Now, we’re expanding the reporting capabilities in ReachEdge to make our clients’ results even more robust and transparent than ever.

The first ReachEdge update includes support for multi-location businesses, which allows them to see marketing performance and trends across all their locations. In addition, these businesses can now organize and route lead alerts by location, office, or employee. This ensures the right information reaches the right recipient, increases staff response times and efficiency, and enables the ReachEdge software to target automated marketing emails to leads based on their location.

The second update expands our ability to track all the marketing sources leads are coming from – not just ReachLocal marketing – including third-party advertising and marketing campaigns. This not only enables ReachLocal clients to know how all their marketing works together to bring them leads and customers, but also to clearly see the results of their ReachLocal digital marketing compared with other marketing sources.

As with previous versions of ReachEdge, ReachLocal clients can see all their lead sources and marketing results in a single, easy-to-read dashboard.

Learn more about how ReachEdge helps local businesses get more contacts, leads, and customers.

Kris Barton

Kris Barton has served as ReachLocal's Chief Product Officer since February 2012. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer of multimedia software and platform company Nero AG from 2010 to 2012. Since starting at Nero in 2006, Barton also held the title of Executive Vice President of Global Products, overseeing all product development.

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