Postcards From David: Glen Field and Tracey Hendy of Termi Home and Commercial – 20 Years of Success & Greener Grass

Glen Field and Tracey Hendy of Termi Home and Commercial - 20 Years of Success & Greener Grass

ReachLocal’s chairman of the board, David Carlick, recently traveled to Adelaide, Australia to meet two of our clients, Glen Field and Tracey Handy, of Termi Home and Commercial. Come along with David as he recounts his visit in our latest edition of Postcards From David.

Glen Field’s title is General Manager, but his career is entrepreneur. In 1992, a key pesticide was banned in Australia, leaving builders with a problem; without some sort of protection, termites would invade homes quickly and wreak havoc on them. (Apparently, Australia termites are particularly invasive and voracious.) Glen discovered a product called Termimesh and jumped at the opportunity.

Termimesh was invented in Perth by Victor Toomgas to help protect homes against the threat of termites without the use of pesticides. Glen negotiated franchise rights for South Australia and has built a highly successful operation over the last 20-plus years. But Termimesh is typically installed in new homes, and Glen realized that this product line was completely dependent on new home construction – a cyclical business.

So Glen decided to diversify his business and offer a range of products and services. Now, he also offers Termifresh, a separate product line that keeps ducts in HVAC installations fresh and bacteria free. A very creative product, Termifresh adds on to existing duct systems and sprays a periodic burst of Australia Tea Oil into the system. The oil pervades the ducts, coating them with a solution that smells fresh and kills mold, bacteria, and all the other things that can ruin air. But Glen didn’t stop there. He also created Termidry, a service line for waterproofing homes and offices. He also offers Termiturf, a line of artificial grass surfaces that help solve a critical landscaping problem in Australia – the fact that water is a precious resource. This artificial turf provides an ecological solution that is easy to maintain, fun to play on, and beautiful to look at.

To support his growing business, Glen realized the need to advertise this diverse product and service line. That’s when he turned to ReachLocal to start running search advertising in both Adelaide and Brisbane. His local IMC Deanna Daraden stepped in to meet the challenge, and they’ve had so much success with their campaign so far that they’re looking to expand their advertising efforts into other markets such as Melbourne and Perth.

Glen’s Termiturf operation is a beautiful thing – a combined showroom, outside staging of different Termiturf products, offices, the Termimesh assembly area, and a yard full of beautiful company-branded Utes. What most impresses me about this organization is what they create and what they leave “in their wake.” They create opportunities and careers, and they build capital. In their wake: buildings that will last longer because they are protected from termites and pests; offices and factories with healthier, safer air; yards and terraces that are beautiful, easy to maintain, and require no water. Yay!

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with such an innovative and interesting business and look forward to much more.

Onward and upward!

David Carlick

Board Director & Chairman, ReachLocal

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David Carlick is the board director and chairman at ReachLocal. He also serves as a venture partner at Rho Ventures, where he focuses on investments in digital media and marketing. You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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