Prepare Your Paid Search Strategy for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is an exciting time for consumers and business owners. When November rolls around, shopping patterns change as consumers take advantage of the best deals around Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. According to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, half of all holiday shoppers were done by December 3 in 2017.  

So, how are you preparing to grab the attention of those shoppers during November and December of this year? Before implementing last year’s online advertising campaign, you should consider giving your strategy an update. Smartphone technology and e-commerce are continuing to grow, so your paid search strategy should include promotions, appropriate keywords, and eye-catching information to keep up with consumers. By aligning an online advertising campaign with the way consumers interact with search engines during the holidays, you can optimize campaigns to run more effectively, get more leads, and earn more revenue.  

Plan Your Promotions 

Potential customers are expecting one thing from your business during the holiday season – a sale. They want to compare what you have to offer to what your competitors are offering, so your promotional schedule needs to be strategically thought out and implemented. Give your potential customers what they want while making them feel like they need to act now because they won’t get the same deal anywhere else. Here are a few ideas to consider before planning your promotional calendar: 

  • Research your competition to find out what they offered last year, what their digital presence looks like, and how you can stand apart from them  
  • Give people something to get excited about by counting down to your holiday sale  
  • During a campaign, pay attention to website visits, impressions, and actual conversions to measure success 

Your promotional calendar should be filled with paid search marketing strategies that are unique, relevant, and worth keeping up with. Don’t rush through the planning process. Think like a customer when determining what your business should offer during the holiday season this year. 

Set Your Budget  

Look at your calendar and the promotions you planned for your business. You can adjust your budget during campaigns and pause an ad if needed. Or, hand the hard work off to a professional and let one of our marketing experts determine a budget within your guidelines. We handle thousands of seasonal campaigns each year and know how to make the most of your paid search marketing campaign! 

Build a List of Seasonal Keywords 

Before you put together promotional offers for your business, compile a list of seasonal keywords to include in your paid search marketing campaign. Build a list of seasonal keywords that potential customers might use to search for your product and use Google Keyword Planner to help. This research tool helps you find the right words and phrases related to your products during a specific period. Building a list of your seasonal keywords will help you narrow down which words are more effective than others.  

For example, let’s say you bid on “Thanksgiving pie pickup” and “Thanksgiving pumpkin pie” for your restaurant that’s offering pies to take home for Thanksgiving. You find that “Thanksgiving pumpkin pie” led to 80 contacts to your business, so you decide to bid higher on that search term for this year. As you build up your search terms and keywords, you will be able to narrow down a holiday season list that works well for your business. 

Monitor Performance  

Once your paid search marketing campaign is in place, it’s important to monitor the results so you can make adjustments as needed. Track the website visits and conversions you are receiving during promotional periods. Pay attention to the activity of your keywords and make bid adjustments if necessary. The holiday season is where most businesses rack up revenue. It’s predicted that U.S. shoppers will spend $119.99 billion online in November and December. 

If your schedule lacks the time needed to plan a competitive and impressive paid search strategy for the holiday season, we are here to help. Let us handle what we’re best at during the busiest time of the year. Contact us here to get started!  

Amanda Asad

Amanda is the Content Marketing & Communications Intern at ReachLocal. She graduated from Texas A&M University where she acquired her degree in Leadership and Development with minors in Agricultural Journalism and Communications and Tourism Management. Her background is in event management and journalism. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys writing, working out, and spending time with family.

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