Quick-Start Guide to Content Marketing for Student Housing

Content marketing is key to defining your brand and differentiating you from top competing properties. Purposeful messaging that brings together the elements of your brand with your student community can make or break your marketing plan. While there are many types of content, focusing on these four areas is a great place to start. 


If you have limited time or resources to devote to content marketing, you can start by taking stock of the channels you are already using and align your messaging there. Do you have a website? What social channels are you active on? Are you using ILS services? What about YouTube? By making a list of where you are and where you need to go, you can start to understand your web presence and make a step-by-step plan of action.

Social Media

Define what social media channels are most valuable to you. While Gen-Zers (i.e. most college students) are active on Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, their parents, on the other hand, are most active on Facebook. You can utilize all of these channels while also tailoring your messaging to the audience for each one. On Facebook, focus on key fob entry, secure parking, study spaces or other amenities that would speak to parents. On Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, focus on tech features, resident activities, and other services that are popular with your residents. Stay true to your brand in all messaging, but make sure you are positioning your content for the right audience.


To connect with incoming college students, video content is essential addition to your marketing strategy. Sixty five percent of ad impressions on Instagram were a result of video content, and it is expected to grow further. That’s not the only channel where they are absorbing video content. YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook have a seat at this table.

That means all the video content you’ve created can be shared across multiple platforms for a robust social video strategy. Use the high-production-value brand videos you’ve commissioned and supplement it with on-site video produced by your team showcasing timely video content like a tour of new model-units or resident events. The quality of the video is less important than the message and consistency. There is no limit to how video can help you tell your story, highlight your assets and connect with the right audience.

Website Content

Make sure that your most important amenities and features including location are promoted on the landing page, but also on the floor plans and amenities pages. Utilize important keywords where it makes sense. Consider posting fresh, regular content on a blog, like the video tours above.  And don’t forget – be consistent in your messaging here just like with other channels.

Effective content marketing utilizes all channels to tell your brand story with cohesive messaging. It takes advantage of text, image, and video formats to help you put your best foot forward and build your brand.   Working with the right partner can help you bring all this together and drive the results you need.


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Sara Monzingo

As an Account Manager at ReachLocal, Sara grows customer relationships and manages digital advertising campaigns for strategic national accounts, specializing in multifamily marketing. Her experience includes an internet startup, copywriting, branding, traditional print-media advertising, and digital marketing. A proud fifth-generation Texan, she graduated from Texas Christian University and lives in central Texas with her husband and their two dogs, Grizzly and Bear.

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