ReachLocal Partner Drives Revenue & Results with ReachSearch

NetPistol Partnership with ReachLocal

NetPistol, a web consulting service based out of South Dakota, wanted to improve their approach to search engine marketing. With a growing client base, NetPistol found it challenging to manage their clients’ campaigns across a number of search engines, so they partnered with ReachLocal to simplify and enhance their product offering. Using ReachSearch™, ReachLocal’s search engine marketing solution, NetPistol was able to offer clients increased ROI while growing their own business. Take a look at a few of NetPistol’s key successes after partnering with ReachLocal.

Streamlined Campaign Management

Before ReachLocal, NetPistol was running campaigns using multiple search engines and found it difficult to manage all the data through its own platform. Using ReachSearch, NetPistol can now easily and effectively run campaigns across a variety of search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, through a single platform.

Increased Client ROI

NetPistol founder and president Bob Lundin first ran a 90-day trial using ReachSearch for one of his clients. During those 90 days, he found that the client’s cost per lead fell from about $70 to below $35. Since rolling out ReachSearch to manage all clients’ SEM campaigns, Lundin has found that their clients are seeing dramatically better ROI, with some seeing costs per lead decreased by 40% or more.

Advanced Technology & Reporting

One aspect of ReachSearch Lundin has been particularly pleased with is the way the ReachSearch platform automatically optimizes results based on conversions. He and his clients have also benefitted from the reporting ReachSearch provides. They can access a dashboard that shows results and real-time data across their search campaign.

Boosting Revenue & Results

Overall, NetPistol has grown its business and seen increased client budgets after partnering with ReachLocal. Want to learn more about ReachLocal’s partnership with NetPistol? Download the full case study here, and hear NetPistol talk about working with ReachLocal in the video below.

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