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ReachLocal Deutschland

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s big DealOn news comes another announcement: ReachLocal now has an office in Berlin, Germany!

Run by Sascha Kronberg, Regional Sales Manager for ReachLocal Berlin, the new Germany office is our most recent international expansion, joining our existing Canadian, Australian and U.K operations. And the timing couldn’t be better: “Germany has one of the highest Internet usage rates and is the fifth largest market in the world based on total Internet searches,” said John Mazur, Managing Director, ReachLocal Europe. “Germany’s Mittlestand, which represent more than three million SMEs that employ more than 70% of all employees in private business in Europe’s largest economy, are faced with how to intelligently transition their advertising budget from offline media to online media.” (Sound familiar? Around here, we call that digitization.)

Most notably, this marks our first direct entry into a non-English speaking market. With over 3 million small- to medium-sized enterprises in Germany, we knew this would be a great opportunity to leverage our existing infrastructure and technology – as well as make a few important upgrades. So we’ve built the functionality into our platform that positions us to manage campaigns in multiple languages.

We’re thrilled to begin delivering our award-winning online marketing solutions to local businesses in Germany – see you there for Oktoberfest!

For more information, visit or read the press release here.

Angela Epley writes about online advertising & web presence for the ReachLocal blog, which focuses on local business online marketing strategies.


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