Search Advertising, SEO & Social: Why You Need All 3

Get a total web presence using search advertising, SEO, and social media

For local business owners, being online has become one of the most important ways to brand, market, and advertise your business to potential customers. Today, modern online marketing tactics like search advertising, SEO, and social media are extremely valuable ways to help you get more leads from people searching online. And, when all three of these efforts work together, they can have a major impact on your marketing return. Here’s why you should consider investing in all three for your business.

1. It Can Help You Own the Search Results

Since there are so many ways online for a consumer to potentially get to your site, it’s important to make sure you show up in search results. By using paid search, SEO (both onsite and offsite), and social media marketing, you can gain more prominence in search engine results. Paid search ads are one of the quickest ways to make sure your business, products, and services show up in search, and SEO and a social media presence help you build your organic presence and get more visits over time. All three are necessary for an optimized web presence. These three powerful digital marketing solutions work together so that your business can ultimately be found by more of your target consumers. To start getting found in search, you need to:

  • Create a locally-optimized search advertising campaign
  • Optimize your website and blog content for your product, service, and local keywords
  • Include metadata and semantic markup on your site for your business category and location
  • Set up your social media pages and local listings and add relevant business details like your address, phone number, and hours of operation
  • Verify that your offsite listings are consistent with what’s on your website
  • Mobile-optimize your paid ads and website so you can get found by mobile consumers

2. Stats Show the Power of Integrating Search Advertising, SEO & Social

Did you know that adding search advertising to a high-quality SEO strategy could result in more clicks to your website? In fact, Google has reported that when a paid search ad accompanies an organic search result, 50% of the ad clicks are incremental, which means those clicks would not be replicated if only an organic listing appeared on the results page.

In addition, studies have shown that up to a 94% increase in clickthrough rate to a website can occur when search engine marketing and social media are used together. One study conducted by comscore and Group M Search states that 50% of consumers use a combination of both search engines and social media when making a purchase decision. And, studies show that consumers exposed to a brand via social media are 2.4 times more likely to click on an organic listing and 2.8 times more likely to click on a paid ad of that brand.

Underlying these stats is the truth of consumer behavior: today, consumers search and social to find local businesses on both web and mobile. And, using the trifecta of optimized search advertising, SEO, and social, can boost the effectiveness of your brand and marketing overall, creating more opportunities for consumers to contact you and buy.

3. An Active, Integrated Strategy can Boost Your Brand and Reputation Online

Social media, local listings, and review sites all come into play before, during, and after any sale has been made. You can use social media not only to increase your organic search “real estate” by optimizing your pages with your business keywords, but it’s also an important way to stay connected with your current and potential customers. By regularly posting great content on your social pages and responding to comments, you can help build a positive reputation for your business and drive word of mouth. For example, if even one person on social media really likes your Facebook posts, they may share your content with their friends, helping spread the word about your business. Similarly, if a happy customer writes a review of your business on your Google+ page, it may be seen both by consumers on Google+ as well as by those searching for your business. Plus, actively publishing to your social sites can signal to search engines that your business is relevant to your business category, helping boost your site in organic search. Here are a few tips to improve what people see about your business when they search online.

  • Regularly publish interesting, helpful content to your social media pages and link it back to your website or blog
  • Write original, timely blog posts and share them on your social media pages to fuel your web presence
  • Ask your customers to review your business on listings like Google+ Local and Yelp
  • Monitor your social pages and review sites and publicly respond to comments and complaints

The goal of using an optimized paid search, SEO, and social strategy is ultimately that of any online marketing strategy: to get consumers, however and wherever they look for your business, to visit your site, contact you, and ultimately buy from you and remain a happy customer. If you meet your customers where they are wherever they search, surf, or socialize online, you can get even more return from your marketing.

What results have you seen with a paid search, SEO, and social media strategy? Let us know in the comments! And download our SEO ebook to learn more about a modern SEO strategy.

Lindsay Paramore

Lindsay Paramore has been a professional writer for over 5 years, specializing in online marketing since 2011. She has written for many publications, becoming an expert in her field. Lindsay resides in Orange County with her husband and son.

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