Social Search Trends: Google Search Plus Your World and Local Marketing

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Over the past few years, as social media has become one of the most popular ways people are spending their time online, social search has become an important trend to note. Not only have search engines begun to incorporate social signals into their algorithms, but social media content itself has begun to surface more in search engines. Last year, search engine giant Google launched a social media platform called Google+. Now, Google has launched an update that will directly integrate Google+ into its search engine results pages (SERPs) for Google+ users and those logged into a Google account.

Google has dubbed the feature “Search Plus Your World,” which adds both personal content as well as things shared by people you’re connected with in Google+ into the Google search results. In its blog post announcing the update, Google explains the premise of  Search Plus Your World: “Search is pretty amazing at finding that one needle in a haystack of billions of web pages, images, videos, news and much more. But clearly, that isn’t enough. You should also be able to find your own stuff on the web, the people you know and things they’ve shared with you, as well as the people you don’t know but might want to… all from one search box.”

What is Google Search+ & Why Does it Matter for Online Marketing?

Basically, with the update, when you are logged into your Google account and search for something via the Google search engine, you’ll now see new types of content show up prominently in the results.

Personalized Content – When you’re searching the Web, you’ll now see relevant Google+ posts and photos from people you’re connected with on Google+, including public posts and posts they’ve shared directly with you on Google+. These results will be marked with a small blue icon in the shape of a person.

People & Pages – Doing a search for a topic on Google may also show you results of Google+ personal profiles or business pages that frequently discuss that topic on Google+.


User Profiles – When you’re searching for a person, their name may show up in autocomplete. Clicking on their name will take you to a personalized results page for that person, which will show you information from their profile on Google+ as well as other Web results for that person.

Leveraging Search+ for Web Marketing

With these updates in mind here are some tips for using Google+ to help maximize your personal and your business visibility in search.

1) Optimize a Google+ Personal Profile and a Business Page

If you’re not already on Google+ and you want to boost your search visibility, now’s the time to claim both a personal profile and a business page. Here are our handy guides to help you optimize both types of accounts:

2) Expand Your Network to Boost Search Visibility

With the integration of personalized content into search results, actively using a personal Google+ profile can help elevate any content you post in the search results of people in your own Google+ social graph. Plus, it may also mean your posts and content will rank better in the results of people you’re indirectly connected to on Google+. That means posting to Google+ frequently and building your network there can help you get even more out of your presence on the site and in Google’s organic search results.

3) Post Relevant Content Frequently to Become a Topic Expert 

Since Search+ will surface personal Google+ profiles and brand pages that frequently share on certain topics, it’s important to share specific, relevant content in topics you want to be seen as an expert on. Building subject-matter expertise through actively sharing content related to your field, industry, market, and community can help your profile and the content you recommend show up more often in search for those in your network.

Learn more about Search Plus Your World in Google’s official video launching the new feature.

What do you think about Google Search+? Will these changes encourage you to start using the tool more frequently and strategically? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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