Updated: Local Search Study: 24% of Google Mobile & Desktop Search Queries Are Local

A new study says that when combining both desktop and mobile search metrics, about 24% of Google queries have local intent, according to a recent report. Also, it reported that about 25% of Yahoo! and about 29% of Bing desktop and mobile search queries had local intent. (Note: This post has been updated to reflect a change in the data originally reported from the firm that released these numbers, which had made a miscalculation).

Search Engine Land stated that,“…these figures argue that local search volumes across engines are now quite massive. Indeed, they represent billions of queries monthly on the PC and mobile web. In addition they’re very high-value queries because local searchers are more likely to covert than others, especially mobile users.”

There are a variety of ways to help local searchers find your business. The volume of local searches being conducted on mobile and desktop devices underscore why it is so important for local businesses to optimize their Web presence and use a range of tools to connect with local searchers online – from search engine advertising to SEO to local listings to content marketing and social media.

How is your business being found by local searchers – on both desktop and mobile devices? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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