Vote for These Awesome ReachLocal Talks at SXSW 2015!

This year, our teams at ReachLocal have two SXSW panel picker topics up for voting – and if they get enough interest, they’ll get the opportunity to present at the annual SXSW Interactive conference next spring. But, we need your help to get there. Here’s a rundown of the presentations and links to vote for each of them!

Marketing from the Inside Out

Have you thought about just how important an audience your employees are for your online marketing? The reality is, your team can actually help elevate your messages across social media channels. So, by putting a program in place to help your employees share valuable content about your business, your brand may reach a whole new audience that can help boost the success of your online and social media marketing programs. In this proposed session, Whole Foods, Eaton, SASI, and ReachLocal will share insights about helping empower employees to share online.

Vote for this session “Turn Social Marketing Inside Out,” so we can share our employee activation best practices with the world!

Technology – Developing Across Mobile Platforms

At ReachLocal, we have an awesome team of developers who build the technology and systems that power our products and SaaS platforms. Last year, this team pioneered an open-source framework called Liger Mobile, which helps developers simultaneously build mobile apps for multiple types of devices.  Then, they had the privilege to present a sold-out SXSW Interactive session about this hybrid development process. This year, their goal is to return to the stage and share insights on enterprise app building.

Vote for their session “From Cottage to Enterprise: A Mobile App Journey” to help  share about their approach to app building.

Thanks for supporting ReachLocal, and please help us spread the word about these panel picker ideas by taking a minute to vote and sharing them with your networks!




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